AIR Suspension

Introducing the revolutionary TerraGlide off-road suspension system - a cutting-edge innovation in caravan suspension technology.

  • Carefully optimised geometry using multibody dynamics simulation with MSC Adams Virtual Engineering software for the ultimate suspension set-up.

  • Amazing advantages of the unique semi-trailing arm independent suspension design.

  • Class-leading 230mm of total wheel travel.

  • Anti-Roll-Bar (ARB) on each axle to maximize ride comfort while controlling roll stiffness.

  • Custom-designed jounce bumpers that provide progressive wheel deceleration during large impacts, reducing shock loading into the caravan chassis.

  • High-performance dampers that are uniquely tuned to deliver superior handling, control and safety in all types of terrain.

  • Advanced sealed dual-row roller SKF® bearings that deliver superior quality and reliability. Automotive-grade durable suspension bushes require no maintenance or greasing. – lifetime maintenance free.

  • Adjustable, locking toe and camber adjustment.

  • Electronic Drum Brakes

  • Firestone premium reversible sleeve airbag.

  • Airbag Man Stage 3 kit with both wireless control and dedicated switches, all fitted to a custom TERRAGLIDE control panel.

  • Smoother ride, ride height adjustment and load levelling with airbag suspension.